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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes of course.  You’ll arrive more relaxed and comfortable than you would on an ordinary bicycle.  We recommend lights, helmet and safety flag.
We recommend a good quality frame lock with accessory chain.  Always lock your Trike to a fixed point (such as the shopping trolley docking bay).  D type locks can be used diagonally at the cross point on the frame.  Brake disk locks can also be useful – some have an audible tamper alarm.
Yes, our recumbent tricycles are compatible with many standard bicycle components available from your local bike store.
Many of our trikes fold up to very compact sizes, using quick release fixtures.  They can fit in the boot of even a small car.  Standard bike racks can often accommodate a trike. 
Trains and planes can work as well.
The best way to transport your trike, is to use it to transport you!
Even if you can’t ride an ordinary bicycle – due to back trouble or balance issues – you may well find that you can ride a recumbent trike. 
The height adjustable, natural seating position and extra stability of three wheels makes trike cycling possible, even for people with certain disabilities.
If you’re a seasoned cyclist, you’ll find that you’re using a different muscle set on a recumbent trike.  Great for tummy tone, but you’ll be training a lesser used muscle set.
The boom has a large range of adjustment for taller or shorter people.
Actually no, most trike riders find that car drivers give you much more space when overtaking than they would and ordinary bicycle.
They treat you like a small car, rather than nudging you with their wing mirrors.
We do recommend the use of a safety flag – the overall height of a trike is lower than a standard bicycle. A car driver in a car park, who wants to reverse out, may not see you passing behind him without one.
As an LCF trike owner, you have the benefit of our custom 3D printing service.
This is done on a time cost basis.  Contact our service team with your design outline.
If we can find a way to do it, we’ll provide you with a sketch and costing (for your approval) to provide the necessary components for you to install.
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