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Low Carbon Footprint Technologies is a Specialist Recumbent Trike Supplier

At LCF Technics: Our mission is to provide viable technical solutions, to enable each of us, to lower our carbon footprint.

Most of us agree, that this is something that we should do;  but in the real world, often our choices are often limited.

Here, you’ll find choices that you can make, that are fun, improve your fitness and reduce your carbon footprint.

As a first step – we have a range of personal transport trikes for sale.  Quick nationwide delivery from locally held stock.

LCF - At Your Service

Trike models
2 +
Year Warranty
Customisation Options
We provide, made to order, hand built LCF Technics Tricycles. If you want some customisations, give us a call to discuss your requirements. LCF Technics also supply recumbent trikes from carefully selected high quality international manufacturers.
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Marty Purcell
Low Carbon Footprint Ireland

Certified Products

Irish Made to EU Standard: EN15194 - 2017

Human Powered Vehicles Electric Assist Vehicles!

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