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As an adventurer, commuter or just popping to the shops, we have a trike to meet your needs.  

Commonly, trikes are perceived as a child’s toy but our trikes are for adults and teens.

Yes, our tricycles do have three wheels, so you can stop without falling over, but they’re much more stable in turns because they have the two wheels at the front.

Recumbent tricycles help to keep you fit and they’re incredibly comfortable to use due to the natural seating position.  They’re also great fun to ride!

Eco Friendly Transport Trike.

Here at LCF Technics, we believe that personal transportation will be different in the future.  

As environmental concern grows, people will make different choices.  Recumbent trikes are an excellent alternative since most cars carry one person most of the time!

Electric assisted trikes represent a massive reduction in carbon emissions compared to standard and even electric cars.

Start the transformation today – with an LCF Technics recumbent tricycle.

Featured Products

New Product Range

Delta Trikes from HASE BIKES

These trikes can be retrofitted with new features as your needs change

Fun:   Recumbents are and absolute joy to ride

Fitness:   Stay in good shape, with regular exercise

Footprint:   Leave the car at home – reduce emissions

Human Powered Vehicle

Recumbent Tricycles – Pedal Powered.

Electric Assist Trike

Pedelec Tricycles – Pedal and Motor Powered

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